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As a diversified, modern law firm, the Borrero Firm prides itself on providing skilled representation in a variety of capacities of critical import to businesses, as well as for individuals and businesses having financial needs:

Regulatory Compliance

Given our extensive and diverse legal experience both inside the Federal government as well as in private practice, we are proficient in regulatory compliance.  While we address too many regulatory  to list succinctly, major ones we cover are privacy/cybersecurity and anti-money laundering compliance (i.e., GLBA, HIPAA, ECPA, COPPA, SOX, USA PATRIOT ACT, etc.) and securities law (i.e., “blue sky” compliance as well as SEC Regulation D compliance, Reg “CrowdFunding”, private placement memoranda (PPMs), and so on).  Do not hesitate to inquire about regulatory matters from other areas as well.

Privacy & Data Security

We tackle the full spectrum of privacy & data security legal risks assessment and remediation — going far beyond traditional “compliance” — both “pre-” and “post-breach”.  We also provide a full range of privacy auditing services.  (Please see our special website dedicated to this practice area.)

Elder Law & Estate Planning

Our attorneys are experts in financial planning, with varied and renowned background in the financial services field.  From wills and trusts to reverse mortgages to nursing home planning and even trust disputes, we’ve got you covered.

Intellectual Property Law & Media Law

We handle most areas of intellectual property law, covering trademarks (including domain name disputes), copyrights, and trade secrets (click here for more detail on our IP practice). We also cover defamation/”SLAPP” suits and first amendment law.

Business & Employment Law

We help you get down to business–whether it’s entity selection and formation, contracts, corporate policy & governance, permitting, employment, non-disclosure/non-compete, or startups & venture capital.  More detail on business law.  We also represent unions and employers in employment disputes.

Real Estate

Whether it concerns sales or leases, we have broad experience in commercial real estate transactions in the Northeastern states.

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